EPSRC PUrE Consortium

Pollutants in the Urban Environment

The main aim of PUrE was to develop an integrated decision-support framework to enable more sustainable management of urban pollution. The decision-support framework comprises a suite of appropriate models and tools for conducting either simple screening studies and/or detailed modelling and assessments of urban pollution. The main outputs from the project are a decision-support framework, the supporting software platform and user-guidance documents. The framework is designed for a range of different groups of users, including industry, government, local authorities, NGOs and researchers.

The results of a case study determining the contribution of the sources and mixtures of pollutants to environmental and human health impacts in Sheffield are shown in a presentation.

Further details are available on the project website.

A poster giving a concise overview of the project is also available.





Mapping Sheffield.

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping techniques have been used to show where the largest sources of NOx, SO2 and PM10 emitters are in Sheffield.

This modelling helps SUWIC researchers understand the contribution of different sources and mixtures of pollutants to environmental impacts and human health in Sheffield.